QES Bridge.
Home made smart.

Install just one device and make your entire home a smart home.

Give your house a brain (other than yours)

Seamlessly integrates with home’s electrical system and instantly lets you control switches and electrical outlets from your smartphone or voice assistant (Siri, Alexa or GoogleAssistant). No further installations needed.

  • 8 inputs for electric switches
  • 8 outputs for lamps and electrical outlets
  • Apple HomeKit compatible (to be confirmed)
  • Works with Siri, Alexa, GoogleHome and Home Assistant

Central point installation

Installs on a DIN (TH35) rail in a house electrical switchboard or fuse cabinet and transforms normal “cable” switches and outlets into smart ones. Connected switches and outlets become available in smart home apps or home voice assistants.

  • 8 input (12V) and 8 output (120V / 230V, 10A) fast cable connectors
  • USB-C PD power supply
  • 2 chainable Ethernet with POE (Power Over Ethernet) connectors
  • 16 status LED indicators
  • WiFi ready (to be confirmed)


QES Bridge requires “star” or “one-2-one” electrical wiring system in home with outlets and sockets connected in central switchboard. For optimal operation switches should be monostable (stateless). Ethernet connection required for local network and Internet.

  • “star” type electrical wiring system in house
  • works best with one way, monostable switches
  • 120/230V or POE+ power supply
  • Ethernet port with Internet and local network (LAN) access
  • installation performed or supervised by qualified electrician
  • Home Center required for automations and out-of-home control when using HomeKit (Apple TV, HomePod or iPad)

Quick to setup, easy to use, smart in action


Quick installation

Just install on a DIN rail in a electrical switchboard, power up and connect electric cables. Add more devices if more connections are needed.


Easy integration

No preconfiguration needed. All inputs and outputs are instantly available for home automation. Just add them to your house in your favourite smart home app.


Smart features

Smart design allows to integrate the device with house infrastructure, but at the same time requires minimal configuration and no maintenance.

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