QES Bridge officially announced!

 Apr 29, 2021
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It is time to finish pioneering years of Smart Home! Today we have officially announced our first product. QES Bridge is a revolutionary device, that will transform traditional house into smart home in a matter of minutes.

With QES Bridge you get comprehensive, stable solution that installs at an electrical wiring switchboard. On the other hand it integrates with other smart solutions in your house using most popular smart home systems as HomeKit, GoogleHome or Alexa and voice assistants on your smartphone or smart speaker.

Smart features should no longer be hobbyist additions to an existing home electrical wiring system - just gadgets. Now we should think of a connected house at a level of infrastructure. Let’s make our homes smart by default.

Michal Sulkiewicz, QUICK EASY SMART Co-Founder and CEO

QES Bridge comes preconfigured so it is ready to use when you just need classic 1-to-1 switch-outlet solution or can be fully configurable if you need more complex setup. You can easily add more QES Bridge devices at any time if 8 outlets or 8 inputs are not enough.

Our device works with any traditional, wired sockets and switches of your choice but if you have smart home enabled solution like wireless buttons or power outlets you can connect them to QES Bridge using your favourite smart home system app like Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa or Home Assistant. All outlets and switches can be used for the automations and scenes in your smart home.

More info on our product page. QES Bridge is still under development and will soon be available on Kickstarter for preorder.